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This page will link you to a variety interesting and delicious websites and videos.

Level 5/6 evening students, click here to see your class page.

These websites have helpful exercises for learning English.

Mango Language - Free online course for English and other languages. You must have a Milwaukee County Library card to sign up.

Free ESL website sponsored by U.S. Department of Education.

Online TOEFL practice test,. TOEFL practice books with CDs are also good and cost less. Search for TOEFL preparation on Amazon, or go to a bookstore and see which you like best.

Quizzes and more ways to learn English

Royal Order of Adjectives - "The big black dog" or "The black big dog"? Here's how to decide!

"Silent E" and -LY - These animations of Tom Lehrer's songs make English grammar even more fun!

Interesting sites about English and other languages

Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Speech Accent Archive - Listen to samples of English spoken by native speakers of other languages.

International Dialects of English Archive - More samples of English dialects.

Language Guide - Listen to native speaker pronunciations in English and other languages. The English pronunciations are clear and accurate. There's a good grammar section also.

Easy phrases in many languages - learn to get along in 46 languages.

Map of languages spoken in the U.S. - check your zip code to see what your neighbors are speaking at home.

These are the delicious sites

What the World Eats - a public radio story about a book called Hungry Planet, whose author interviewed families in 30 countries to find out what they eat and how much they spend on food. The link also goes to a written text and pictures.

MATC Cuisine Fine Dining. MATC culinary arts students prepare delicious and elegant meals at great prices. See the website for the current menu and hours. Open to the community! Reservations are required and may be made online or by phone (414-297-6697.)

MATC Opticianry Department makes low cost eyeglasses for students, family, and staff. This link will also take you to Dental Services and other community resources.

Class Recipe Books - These recipes were written and presented (and sometimes served) by downtown OC6B students (Fall 2012 and earlier) and West Allis Level 2 students (Spring 2014 and later):
Fall 2009
Spring 2010
Spring 2011
Fall 2011
Spring 2012
Fall 2012
Spring 2014
Spring 2015

Book Group Lists - Interesting books to read on lots of topics.